Design / Strategy / Build

Colom is an invite only community for talented photographers looking for work, or not. I’d be taking on the design of the initial version of this as well as building it using EmberJS + Rails. It doubles as a learning project for me as I have no prior experience using Ruby on Rails.

First thing was naming and coming up with a simple logo to match. Here’s what I came up with, and how.

The main inspiration for the logo was the spherical shape of a camera lens and the square image it produces.
Within the logo the column, which represents the websites photography presentation is also present.
Finally a "C" was almost formed. A nice way to include the first letter of the name Colom.
Experimenting with negative space and repetitions on the logo.
This was the first draft of the homepage, it was simple and had an aesthetic that I wanted to carry through the rest of the website. I was certain I’d have to pick at it once I’d built a live prototype.
And so I did, here’s the second draft, and current version. I made two key changes in order to improve the accessibility of the landing page, as well as further spacing and sizing adjustments.

The first change was having the header show up immediately rather than once the user starts scrolling down. This didn't really add much to the page except for code bloat and fancy animations.

The second change was changing from 2 columns to 3 columns. After doing some research and speaking to potential users of the website coupled with the fact that the 2 column layout was taking up too much website space; I decided a 3 column layout would offer a better experience and also add some important clipping at the top of the page that will help notify users of the need to scroll down without a prompt.

I re-purposed one of the logo experiments as a placeholder image for users who haven't uploaded or retrieved their profile image ... and other assets.
... Hope you enjoyed viewing!