Project Management / Design Lead / UX

My team was invited in to pitch some ideas to a TV service called Kannuu. We'd be designing an onboarding experience as well as putting together some loose ideas for interaction.

As design lead initially I had to define the problem, propose a solution and align a team of three in executing this solution.

To basecamp we go ...

The deadline was tight so it made sense to work backwards, getting the important screens done first. I put together a rough visual representation of what was discussed and decided. The aim was to make the 3 main elements of the dashboard experience very obvious and immediate.

Great, we had a general direction, but also an extra click. I developed on this dashboard layout with one thing in mind, how do I make the content accessible to the user right away? Turn on Kannuu + Watch something

We also needed a mobile layout, but why create a whole new experience per device? It should all feel the same. Keeping to design as similar as possible (device to device) was the way to go.

I also created some supporting visualizations which offered further insight into possible user interactions.

... Hope you enjoyed viewing!